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You should be able to adjust the score for that rule in SpamAssassin.
I'd just set it to 0 so that it doesn't add or subtract any points.
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		On 09/06/2009 16:20, Steve Freegard wrote:

			Devon Harding wrote:

				Ok, here's my dilemma.  My ISP has
blocked port 25 on my connection, so
				I'm forced to have my DNS provider
(EasyDNS) redirect all my email to
				port 2525.  This works fine, the only
problem now is I'm seeing an
				influx of SPAM which I believe is
because MailScanner is seeing EasyDNS
				as a safe sender&  not processing any
rules based on IP Address.  How do
				I get MailScanner disregard the IP
address from EasyDNS and process the
				next hop?  I guess something like
X-Forwarded-For for SMTP.

			> From the changlog of the latest 4.77 release:
			"Read IP Address From Received Header" has been
extended, so it will now
			take a number instead of yes or no. "yes"=1 and
"no"=0. If it is set to
			"yes" or a number, then the SMTP client IP
address is taken from the
			"Received:" header. For example, setting it to 2
will cause the IP
			address to be taken from the 2nd Received:

		You took the words right out of my mouth! :-)
		I knew someone would find this useful before too long...

	The setting works, but how do I get it work with
RCVD_IN_DNSWL_LOW  which still gives my messages a -1 score.

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