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> Devon Harding wrote:
> > Ok, here's my dilemma.  My ISP has blocked port 25 on my connection, so
> > I'm forced to have my DNS provider (EasyDNS) redirect all my email to
> > port 2525.  This works fine, the only problem now is I'm seeing an
> > influx of SPAM which I believe is because MailScanner is seeing EasyDNS
> > as a safe sender & not processing any rules based on IP Address.  How do
> > I get MailScanner disregard the IP address from EasyDNS and process the
> > next hop?  I guess something like X-Forwarded-For for SMTP.
> >From the changlog of the latest 4.77 release:
> "Read IP Address From Received Header" has been extended, so it will now
> take a number instead of yes or no. "yes"=1 and "no"=0. If it is set to
> "yes" or a number, then the SMTP client IP address is taken from the
> "Received:" header. For example, setting it to 2 will cause the IP
> address to be taken from the 2nd Received: header.
> That should do what you need.  You'll also need to set SA's
> trusted_networks otherwise it will be less accurate when it does network
> checks.
> Cheers,
> Steve.
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Steve, that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.  I'll test it out and post the


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