Performance numbers for a DELL R710

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Thu Jun 4 13:38:14 IST 2009

Alex Neuman wrote:
> you mentioned asynchronous logging... Can you point us to a FAQ or a
> description of how this works, and why it's a good thing? Any cons?

I believe this is already in the MAQ/Wiki.

To enable asynchronous logging you change your syslog.conf entry from:

mail.*			/var/log/maillog


mail.*			-/var/log/maillog

On a mail server this can have a considerable effect on performance as
syslog doesn't run sync() calls after each write and therefore allows
the kernel to manage the writes to disk which can have a considerable
advantage for disk IO but with the disadvantage that if the machine
crashes or loses power that you'll be missing some of the most recent
log entries.  As part of any performance tuning - I *always* enable this.


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