Problem Messages

Remco Barendse mailscanner at
Wed Jun 3 09:36:39 IST 2009

On Tue, 2 Jun 2009, Julian Field wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Look for traces of the messages in your mail logs. That will tell you
> what happened. You might then want to try digging the messages out of
> quarantine and running them through MailScanner manually (start with
> "MailScanner --help" and work from there) one at a time to see what goes
> wrong.

I checked the maillog, no pointer there :
May 29 06:46:41 mail MailScanner[7664]: Warning: skipping message 
n4T4NRQW009848 as it has been attempted too many times
May 29 06:46:41 mail MailScanner[7664]: Quarantined message 
n4T4NRQW009848 as it caused MailScanner to crash several times
May 29 06:46:41 mail MailScanner[7664]: Saved entire message to 

I have 4 of those messages now, they are all spam, one is in Russian 
without any attachments, the others contain some .jpg images as 

> If you want to wipe the database you can always just delete it. Its
> location in set in MailScanner.conf (look for "Processing.db" in there).

Will do, thanks. I will upgrade to the latest version, maybe my problem 
will go away.

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