Multiple MailScanner instances for multiple chroot sendmail

Michael Mansour micoots at
Sun Jul 26 07:27:58 IST 2009


I'm building a HA cluster and trying to work out how to have multiple MailScanner instances for each cluster app.

To describe the basic setup...

2 cluster nodes

2 cluster apps, one on each node

Each cluster app has it's own chroot'ed sendmail (to cater for each cluster app handling mail and inboxes within itself). That all works fine and listens on the relevant ports on the floating IP's defined in the cluster app for sendmail.

I'm now trying to get MailScanner to work with the chroot'ed sendmail, with the aim of having two sendmail's (MailScanner's) running on the same node if/when the other node fails the cluster app over.

Firstly for the chroot'ed sendmail, what modifications does MailScanner need to know about to run the chroot'ed sendmail?

Say sendmail's chroot'ed directory is:


where n = 1 or 2 (sync'ed between nodes).

In the chroot'ed environment, sendmail runs as a non-privileged user named "sendmail" and is part of the "mail" group.

Starting sendmail is done using:

# chroot /chroot/sendmailn /usr/sbin/sendmail

Do I need to install a chroot'ed MailScanner within the /chroot/sendmailn tree?

Note these run on Red Hat based EL5 series boxes. I already installed MailScanner on each node using MS RPM download.

So you know, I've tried various things before emailing the list. In the:


file I changed:



SENDMAIL="/usr/sbin/chroot /chroot/sendmailn /usr/sbin/sendmail"

I also changed the "Run As User = sendmail" and "Run As Group = mail".

I also played with "Incoming Queue Dir" and "Outgoing Queue Dir" before realising this may not work without multiple MailScanner instances.

Hence emailing the list.

I appreciate any help or advice. Thank you.


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