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Wouldn't enabling SPF on hosted domains help with this?

That way, sender verification is only checking on email sent from your
own valid mailservers anyway, saving your precious cpu load. We were
getting several thousand sender lookups a day from various sources. We
enabled spf with the -all (It had been ~all while we were testng)  flag,
and that dropped down to a couple of hundred, generally to valid
addresses, which I have no problem with.

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>I recently deployed the smf-sav, which works quite well. It takes a lot
of load off mailscanner.

>I recently got listed on backscatter because I have used it on one of
“their” members so it seems.

>Looking on their Web Site it seems there is nothing I can do only pay
them 50 euro to get delisted, and then what happens if I do >sav again?


>Have any of the list had this issue, with smf-sav?  Is there anything
that can be done from your experience? I do not want to turn >off


>Thanks to you all


I am assuming you mean you have been listed at


I must admit that I find something particularly distasteful about being
on the receiving end of sender validation lookups, especially
considering that some of our servers receive email for domains which
they do not send email for. In my opinion, nobody should rely on someone
else’s resources (memory and CPU time) to work out if they should accept
an email, and I guess that the Backscatter blacklist was built on this
basis – their sender callout policy is here - and I have to say
that I agree with all points.


I am pretty sure that this has been discussed on-list before and that
some people have very strong feelings in both ways regarding callouts,
so it might be worth searching the list archives for further info on the

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