Tiny text only spam (semi OT)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jul 3 15:25:44 IST 2009

Alessandro Bianchi wrote:
> Hi guys
> Those damned spemmers have found a way to break in
> After image only spam, they have managed to build plain text only spam
> (no links or hrml or images, just text) that slips throught my MS
> installation.
> They often place in ortographic errors to "fool" spamassassin.
> Here is an example:
> Has anyone else seen a similar behaviour and found a solution?

The Botnet plugin for Spamassassin gets almost all of these.


It will occasionally FP on misconfigured servers without "full circle"
DNS, so adjust the score.

It also helps to have your spamassassin trusted_networks correctly
configured and to set

botnet_pass_trusted   ignore

in botnet.cf so it will look at the received header for the delivery to
the trusted network.  However, if you have multiple users receiving mail
forwarded (.forward or equivalent) from other servers, it may not be
feasible to include these other servers in trusted_networks, so Botnet
will be less effective in this case.

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