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Wed Jul 1 17:56:29 IST 2009

I have struggled to install MailScanner on Fedora 11

The switch of rpms within Fedora to i586 means that the script picks up the default architecture (on my machine) as being i586.

This means that at the end of the script it attempts to install tnef-1.4.5.i586.rpm, but the one within the MailScanner tarball is tnef-1.4.5.i386.rpm. 

I could have either altered the script or just have installed tnef-1.4.5.i386.rpm manually, but found an rpm from and added this instead to satisfy the rpm installation 

I now have MailScanner installed and it starts OK without any errors - but have not yet had time to try it out

However, one of the perl modules just will not compile correctly 
no matter what I do

But - does this matter if MailScanner installs OK and starts OK ?

I have read on the Fedora website that it can be built if the Buildarch parameter is deleted or commented out - but how do I do that?

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