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Thu Jan 29 12:15:00 GMT 2009

Jason Voorhees wrote on Wed, 28 Jan 2009 11:17:04 -0500:

> But now I'm seeing that those spam messages are big because their only
> content is an image attached or embedded (maybe in html). The image
> contains the spam text and its size is about 250-300 KB or bigger.
> SpamAssassin would not be able to do detect that image as spam right?

If it only gets fed part of it probably not as the image is then cut in 
half. I actually don't know what MS does in such a situation. e.g. if it 
detects that the message is encoded and scanning only part of it is of no 
use or if SA skips binary parts anyway etc.

> I think SA could be able to read/detect other parts of the message
> like the headers.
> So, for this kind of spam would I be forced to use some OCR plugin/tool?

Yeah, there are the imageinfo and fuzzy_ocr third-party plugins. I never 
had to use them. I find that rejecting allmost all dialup and bot spam at 
MTA level also gets rid of most of the "complicated" spam.

It might be useful if you could post such a message on your homepage or a 
pastebin, so one could have a look at it. As I have never seen one of 
these ...


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