Spammassassin time outs debugging

Ghetti, Ron Ron.Ghetti at
Wed Jan 28 15:35:26 GMT 2009

Thank you Guys, I knew it was something fairly simple.
I do most of my admin on %windir% as you probably figured...


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2009/1/28 Ghetti, Ron <Ron.Ghetti at>:
> Hi,
>  ok so in trying to troubleshoot my timeouts I've run into
>  an issue trying to capture the output.
>  Can someone give me an idea on how to capture the
>  output from this to a text file so I can go over it ?
>  MailScanner --debug --debug -sa
>  I would normallly do a > some.file
>  but that isn't yielding anything in the file.
>  Thanks
> -Ron

MailScanner --debug --debug-sa 2>&1 | tee filename
MailScanner --debug --debug-sa > filename 2>&1
should be accepted by almost all shells (apart from csh-derivatives,
which would use ">&" for the same effect... And bash can grok that
Recommended reading:
man bash
or your preferred shell... Look at the REDIRECTION section.

-- Glenn
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