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> On 24/1/09 01:30, Steve Campbell wrote:
> > Quoting Scott Silva<ssilva at>:
> >
> >    
> >> on 1-23-2009 9:54 AM Steve Campbell spake the following:
> >>      
> >>> I've been fighting this for a while now. I don't know if my SA timeouts
> >>> are gone, but:
> >>>
> >>> I removed the KAM rules, and a backlog of mail processed really fast. I
> >>> haven't had a SA timeout in more than 30 minutes, and before removal,
> >>> they were happening about every 3 minutes.
> >>>
> >>> steve
> >>>
> >>>        
> >> Maybe there is a complex regex in the kam rules that is playing havoc on
> >> your
> >> perl version in CentOS 3. I remember having issues when I ran perl 5.8.0
> >> with
> >> some regex processing.
> >>
> >> It might also explain why so many of the perl modules didn't compile.
> >>
> >> Might be time to think about migrating the servers to something newer.
> >>
> >>      
> > I totally agree here with upgrading, but don't see a way to do it
> immediately. I
> > suspect that KAM definitely had something to do with the problem based on
> the
> > way the server reacted after removing KAM.
> >
> > Now here's the catch. This is the same Perl that ran KAM rules two upgrades
> ago
> > when the server ran just fine. The only thing that changed was the version
> of
> > MS, which had the modules installation problems, I think a new version of
> SA,
> > and the addition of multiple SARE rules due to the ease of the new
> update-sa
> > (sa-update?). I removed the SARE rules and that didn't resolve anything.
> Quite a
> > lot, I realize.
> >
> > So I'm thinking either old KAM doesn't work well with new SA, or KAM
> doesn't
> > work well with the combination of new Perl modules plus the old ones that
> stuck
> > around either due to install failures or just plain ole KAM doesn't mesh
> with
> > the new MS.
> >    
> KAM and MS are independent.
> > Regardless of the problem's cause, I'm just happy to have a smooth run MS
> server
> > now. I've learned a lot during this trial, and hope it helps others who may
> be
> > running Centos 3 and KAM. It's also an alert for maybe other older Centos
> > distros also.
> >    
> I very much doubt anyone tests anything with CentOS 3 any more.
> Jules
> -- 


I'm aware that KAM and MS are two separate things and related to SA instead of
MS. I only mentioned my experiences to help others if they are running KAM with
any distro and MS. There have been a lot of posts lately about SA timeouts, so I
thought this might be helpful. 

I'm sort of stuck for a while with the old distro. We don't have a lot of spare
servers with this type of power for me to upgrade with. And this server is an
email do-all, running MS, SA, ClamD and the mail store for two domains.

Even with the old OS, I give you kudos for your software as it still does what
it's supposed to do. It'd probably do better with all the newer modules, but
alas - the money issues here at our company. 

I hope you realize that this is praise, and not to be taken as argumentative.
This mail list is the central focus point for many different pieces of software,
as your software ties many of those pieces of software together. The list is
comprised of many intelligent people who offer their wisdom. I can't usually
offer much of it, so when I do have something to offer, I try and pay my dues.
It's probably not the way it should be, but it is the focus point.


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