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On 24/1/09 01:30, Steve Campbell wrote:
> Quoting Scott Silva<ssilva at>:
>> on 1-23-2009 9:54 AM Steve Campbell spake the following:
>>> I've been fighting this for a while now. I don't know if my SA timeouts
>>> are gone, but:
>>> I removed the KAM rules, and a backlog of mail processed really fast. I
>>> haven't had a SA timeout in more than 30 minutes, and before removal,
>>> they were happening about every 3 minutes.
>>> steve
>> Maybe there is a complex regex in the kam rules that is playing havoc on
>> your
>> perl version in CentOS 3. I remember having issues when I ran perl 5.8.0
>> with
>> some regex processing.
>> It might also explain why so many of the perl modules didn't compile.
>> Might be time to think about migrating the servers to something newer.
> I totally agree here with upgrading, but don't see a way to do it immediately. I
> suspect that KAM definitely had something to do with the problem based on the
> way the server reacted after removing KAM.
> Now here's the catch. This is the same Perl that ran KAM rules two upgrades ago
> when the server ran just fine. The only thing that changed was the version of
> MS, which had the modules installation problems, I think a new version of SA,
> and the addition of multiple SARE rules due to the ease of the new update-sa
> (sa-update?). I removed the SARE rules and that didn't resolve anything. Quite a
> lot, I realize.
> So I'm thinking either old KAM doesn't work well with new SA, or KAM doesn't
> work well with the combination of new Perl modules plus the old ones that stuck
> around either due to install failures or just plain ole KAM doesn't mesh with
> the new MS.
KAM and MS are independent.
> Regardless of the problem's cause, I'm just happy to have a smooth run MS server
> now. I've learned a lot during this trial, and hope it helps others who may be
> running Centos 3 and KAM. It's also an alert for maybe other older Centos
> distros also.
I very much doubt anyone tests anything with CentOS 3 any more.


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