Email causing MailScanner to go defunct.

Steve Campbell campbell at
Fri Jan 23 16:48:45 GMT 2009

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Steve Campbell wrote on Fri, 23 Jan 2009 10:22:33 -0500:
>> I mentioned this problem in my "Just an observation" thread a week or so 
>> ago. I found that it sometimes would not get delivered at all. I never 
>> did find out why. I was under the impression that the conf setting was 
>> to indicate the amount of an email to check by SA, not that if the email 
>> were larger, it wouldn't pass it to SA at all.
> I remember. I was under the wrong impression that this setting delivers the 
> first x bytes to SA and not that it skips the message alltogether. But this 
> effects only spam detection. I have never heard or seen that messages were 
> lost because of this. I would rather guess that there was some other 
> problem, like it was password-protected or so (people in the media like to 
> send password-protected ads and then send the password with the same mail 
> ..). There have been problems in the past with this, messages were 
> quarantined, but no notice sent out. Thus, it appeared to have been 
> vanished. If you don't use Mailwatch yet you should definitely do it!

Nope, password protection was not the case. I raised the config option 
and had the sender to resend and the files came through normally. The 
originals were not on the server. I use MailWatch. The message on the 
mailwatch screen only reported "too large". The files were not available 
in MW to re-release.
>> What version are you running, Kai? I'm tempted to upgrade and see if 
>> that fixes things, as my version is 4.72.5, and I still see this taking 
>> a lot of resources. I probably won't do it today since I've had the 
>> server down for memory upgrades, but maybe tomorrow or Monday.
> I'm not aware that there were massive performance improvements since this 
> version. In case you still get no satisfactory performance I'm available 
> for a little fee ;-)

Nice that you offer, but newspapers are struggling right now. High gas 
costs of last year really hurt delivery budgets, newsprint has 
sky-rocketed. I'll keep on hunting.
> Kai

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