ClamAV or ClamD?

SuprDave mailscanner.list at
Thu Jan 22 19:34:31 GMT 2009

Currently using ClamAV.  Any reason why I should not consider switching to
Dave Gattis

> On Thu, 22 Jan 2009, SuprDave wrote:
>> I set this up last night but noticed that their subject line test fails.
>> Mail is delivered when placing the test signature in the subject line.
>> Did anyone else have the same results?
> When using clamd it quarantines the message OK.  But when using clamav,
> the signature is detected by clamav but MailScanner lets it go through.
> This is the reason I changed to clamd!  I noticed this started to happen
> with a change in December 2007.  Tested with MailScanner-4.74.16-1 today.
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