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> Hi!
> >> Not sure if this is smart however, but if you dont
> mind
> >> loosing legitimate mail its no issue.
> > There is absolutely zero legitimate email which has
> URI's in URIBL_BLACK. Maybe in URIBL_GREY, maybe in
> URIBL_GOLD, but never in URIBL_BLACK. Those are 100%
> confirmed URI's of spammers.
> I am glad you are so positive about it, statistics show
> otherwise. Check the SA site for example. But, if it works
> for you, fine! :-)

Just to provide an update. Since implementing the uribl blocking (and adding the surbl also) 100% of that trash has vanished from the ether. No legitimate email was affected because I was selected only the lists that I wanted using the bitmasks.

In terms of uribl_black, I'm always in the top 10 rankings for URI submitters worldwide and consistently have a submitter rating above 94%. I have been using it and submitting to it for some time now. 

After reviewing literally thousands of emails during the last months, there's never been any time I've seen a valid URI in the uribl_black list.

Each entry submitted to the uribl_black is reviewed by humans, they go to the website, check originators, etc for legitimate spam or phishing sites and only list if they are real and valid scam sites.

Doubtful sites go to the other lists.

As a submitter you also quickly realise, if you submit URI's that don't meet the criteria for your requested listing, your % rating drops very quickly and you are less trusted and more doubt gos into your submissions.

Frankly, if the SA site say otherwise about the uribl_black, in my experience they are plain wrong.

You can read about the uribl lists here:

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