MS/perl segfaults

Julian Field MailScanner at
Sun Jan 18 16:47:04 GMT 2009

Absolutely. Hence the need for a timestamp that is dependent only on 
MailScanner. Users in areas of the world with dodgy power supplies can 
always just switch the feature off. Most servers don't dual-boot so I'm 
not so worried about them.

On 17/1/09 23:53, Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> Just to contribute ... Would it be ok to assume there also would be a 
> problem with clocks skewing from things like DST changes in computers 
> that aren't set to GMT proper (perhaps because of dual boot or vmware 
> issues), or from them being off for extended power outages (like some 
> MS users in Africa might have to deal with)?
> On Jan 17, 2009, at 3:15 PM, Julian Field wrote:
>> And the timestamp we use needs to be implementable regardless of the 
>> MTA in use. Is the last-modified timestamp used by any of them? We 
>> also need to be able to tell if it hasn't been touched yet, maybe 
>> last-modified==created ? Again, does this work in every MTA?
>> I entirely agree it would be a very neat solution, but only if we can 
>> make it work in all MTAs.
>> Jules


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