Content scanning / MCP?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jan 15 20:45:28 GMT 2009

on 1-15-2009 11:25 AM Patrick Saweikis spake the following:
> We have it setup now where it is looking for the "always allowed"
> phrases in the subject and body of all inbound messages, and gives an
> MCP score of -100 when it hits. The only problem with this is it still
> goes to the second spamassassin check and if it gets flagged as spam,
> the fact that it had a -100 MCP scored does not effect the SA score and
> it is still not delivered. Is there a way to set a rule so that if the
> MCP score is below a certain threshold it stops scanning and delivers
> the message?
Can't you just add a regular spamassassin rule that does the same thing?

A rule that finds the header, a rule that finds the subject, and maybe a meta
rule that fires -100 if both are true. That should work almost the same way as
whitelisting, except Mailwatch won't say whitelisted in the display.

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