Content scanning / MCP?

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We have it setup now where it is looking for the "always allowed" phrases in the subject and body of all inbound messages, and gives an MCP score of -100 when it hits. The only problem with this is it still goes to the second spamassassin check and if it gets flagged as spam, the fact that it had a -100 MCP scored does not effect the SA score and it is still not delivered. Is there a way to set a rule so that if the MCP score is below a certain threshold it stops scanning and delivers the message? 


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I apologize, I should have given more detail in my question...
I have about 10,000 users, covering around 1000 domains. We have written custom code to allow individual spam actions and individual spam scores per user, per domain. We pull this from a MYSql table. We now have a client who needs to have certain messages allowed through 100% of the time, we were assuming that setting a high value of 99 to the phrase would work, but we need to be able to limit this per user / per domain as we do spam scores and actions from the MYSql tables. We are only worried about detection after the MTA processes the message. We were thinking of implementing something similar to the balcklist/whitelist custom functions.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Patrick Saweikis wrote on Fri, 9 Jan 2009 14:20:51 -0600:

> We have a user on our mail system who wants to always ALLOW
> messages with specific content in the message subject and body through.
> Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, how would we accomplish it?
> I have been looking into using MCP, but from what I have read that is
> for denying specific message content only

MCP is basically a second spamassassin run. You can just do the same
during the normal SA run. Stephen pointed at some caveats. There is an SA
plugin for simple whitelisting by subject, it just needs to be enabled in
the *.pre file in /etc/mail/spamassassin. But this will whitelist for all
I think the better approach is to whitelist the assumed senders or give
that user a special alias that doesn't get filtered and that he can hand
out to those where he thinks there might be delivery problems.


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