Spamassassin timeouts - Just an observation

Steve Campbell campbell at
Thu Jan 15 17:58:01 GMT 2009

Sorry for the redundant reply I've posted lately. I added the listserver 
to my access db and wasn't getting replies. Don't know why or how it 
came to be, but I did. I've been working on the problem server and 
didn't notice I wasn't receiving MailScanner messges. So I'll try and 
catch up with all of your replies.


I've posted the spamassassin -D --lint at

I don't think I'm getting dns timeouts, but I could be due to the 
overall slowness. Turning on querylog and viewing the log seems to be 
fine. I see no slowness there. I'm running a local caching nameserver.

I added zero scores for all the RBLs that were listed in It didn't make a difference that I could see. I then 
read about skip_rbl_checks in your mail.. I haven't tried this option yet.

I don't see anything about rbl timeouts in any of the log. I'm not sure 
what they look like. So I'd have to say "I don't know if I'm getting 
them or not.".


Since I didn't get your reply (or anyone else's), my post must have 
seemed a little stupid. I seem to be a champ at making a bad situation 

The machine gets so bogged down, it's hard to tell what is and what 
isn't messing up when I run the debug and debug-sa. I see no errors though.


Thanks for repeating what I didn't see, even though I didn't see yours 
either. I've re-read all the replies in the archive, hence the post here.

I have ordered 2 GB more RAM for this machine, so it will be tripled the 
original. Should be in next week.


Not sure we're have the same problem or not, but we might be. Misery 
loves company.

If I missed anyone, thanks to you as well.

I have also put a throttle on incoming sendmail connections (4). It 
originally was 0 (unlimited). All of my sendmail times are set pretty 
low. I've played with all sorts of different setting in Mailscanner.conf 
like batch size, and the like. I'm back to 3 Children with 30 messages 
each. The machine is slowly getting behind again today, although the 
load average is not as bad as usual since zeroing all the scores.

Next to try the skip_rbl_checks and then wait for the RAM. If anyone 
ventures a view of the page I posted and sees anything. please bring it 
to my attention.

Thanks again


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