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> Folks,
> Well, I've just got back from the hospital, had another 
> meeting with the 
> transplant team.
> As of now, I'm suspended on the liver waiting list.
> They are going to do another endoscopy in the next 2 or 3 weeks, and 
> we'll see the outcome of that to see if the varices have gone down at 
> all which will imply better blood flow through my new portal vein 
> replacement.
> I suspect this will most likely show an improvement.
> If it does, then the original reason for me being on the list 
> will have 
> gone (well enough). So it will be no longer worth doing what 
> is, in my 
> case, a very difficult and dangerous procedure.
> So I'm officially suspended from the list at the moment, but 
> not removed.
> As I've spent the past 15 months or so mentally preparing for the 
> procedure, this is going to take a bit of getting used to. 
> It's going to 
> take a few days to sink in properly.
> Jules

Hard to tell from the tone of the email, but that's good news right?
We'll keep hoping and praying for you Julian! 

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