General Thankyou (still diagnosing fault)

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Tue Jan 13 09:09:17 GMT 2009

>>> I am most happy to snip out old parts as necessary.
>> This would be most appreciated. Quote just what is needed to understand
>> the next lines (which should be your reply).

It has amused me for many months how this mailing list, populated by  
e-mail experts, manages to generate such huge  
quote-everything-in-the-reply-to-the-reply-to-the-reply messages. I  
sometimes find myself scrolling through pages and pages of  
quoted-five-times content before I reach the actual message!

> Hint: use Thunderbird and the "QuoteCollapse" add-on extension. Totally  
> solves this problem for you. Using "Quote Colors" is a good idea too,  
> unless you're using Shredder as it's built into Shredder (the  
> pre-release versions of the next version of Thunderbird). So the usual  
> answer: use a better email client :-)

Ah, but I am already using the best for me, Opera's e-mail client  
(database and views to find messages is much more powerful than  
message-in-only-one-place-at-a-time) ;)

Opera does format and colour quoted sections, but doesn't have any quote  
collapsing features. This isn't a problem, apart from when reading the  
MailScanner list! ;)


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