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Dave Filchak wrote on Fri, 09 Jan 2009 12:04:58 -0500:

> > As I said already: your postfix homedir points to the wrong directory. And 
> > this error is non-critical and doesn't need to be fixed.
> >
> >   
> Well I did fix this eventually. I did pix the postfix home directory

Good. I realize now that my statement may have been confusing. What is non-critical
is that SA error message, not the fact that the wrong homedir was set for postfix.

> >> The worst part is though, that I am not getting mail
> >>     
> >
> > Go thru the usual debugging steps - which means you start at the beginning and 
> > remove the changes you made for MailScanner in postfix. First thing you want 
> > to check if postfix still delivers fine without MailScanner. If that is the 
> > case, then follow the tutorial I pointed you already several times to.
> >   
> I have gone through this tutorial. Several times in fact. And as far as 
> making changes to postfix, remember that we have been using 
> postfix/Mailscanner for several years now so no special changes were 
> made at this point, to postfix.

But you set this up quite some time (years ?) ago. There have been other methods
for conencting MailScanner and postfix in the past and MS wasn't set to perform
that well with it as it does now.

This was simply an upgrade of 
> MailScanner, ClamAV and Spamasssassin. At this point I think most of my 
> problem is that most non spam is being scored as spam (i.e. just above 
> the 5 threshold) so it is being held in quarantine. Can you direct me to 
> a good tutorial on fine tuning the filter rules?

Sure? Earlier you were indicating that no mail gets delivered, thus one had to 
assume it's stuck in the postfix/MS queue. If it gets delivered, but quarantined
this is a *completely* different situation. And normally you have the problem that 
spam isn't detected, not that ham is misdetected as spam. If that happens you
must have misconfigured something *seriously*. So, I'd rather double-check if
your assumption (it seems to be just an assumption) is correct. And as a fast
mitigation stop qurantining spam, deliver it!
As you upgraded from quite old versions in all cases one might assume that you 
lowered the spam detection scores so much in the past because spam wouldn't get 
detected anymore. Now, with an up-to-date SA these scores are much too low.
Well, that's just one possible explanation if it is really spam detection that is 
your problem.

> Can you direct me to 
> > a good tutorial on fine tuning the filter rules?

As I said above, you may actually not want to fine-tune it, but reset it to default 
values (in MS and SA).


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