Could not open Bayes rebuild lock file /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/Locks/MS.bayes.rebuild.lock, No such file or directory

Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Wed Jan 7 11:31:21 GMT 2009

John Wilcock wrote on Tue, 06 Jan 2009 15:13:27 +0100:

> RPM users aren't reporting this AFAICT, so maybe there's an omission in 
> the tar.gz version of mailscanner_create_locks.

Don't think so. As I've been working on some bayes stuff yesterday I had 
the chance to see the "original" expiry lock from sa-learn and it's 
"bayes.lock". It gets created when SA starts an expiry run and appears in 
the Bayes directory. As MailScanner uses the SA Perl module the procedure 
there is slightly different and you get "MS.bayes.rebuild.lock". Either 
because the Perl module uses a slightly different name and prefixes it 
with "MS" or because Julian tells it to name it like this.
Before the changes to the lock path this occurred in the Bayes directory, 
now it occurs in the general MS lock directory and I assume there's 
missing some permission. Or it still gets created in the Bayes dir (have a 
look) but looked for in the other place.
As all the fixes were about virusscanner wrappers that one got easily 
overlooked, especially if auto-expiry is switched off ;-)
As I already wrote in another message the quick fix is to set 
bayes_auto_expire to 0 in you spamassassin.prefs.conf and do a nightly 
"sa-learn --force-expiry". This is actually a good thing to do, anyway.
Just leaving it "as is" does work but will slow down your processing as 
your SA obviously is trying to expire with each run.


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