Fedora 10 packaging help required

Cedric Devillers cde at alunys.com
Tue Jan 6 13:07:14 GMT 2009

Julian Field wrote:
> I've got a problem caused by Fedora 10.
> They have changed the RPM build structure so that RPMs now build under
> ~/rpmbuild instead of /usr/src/redhat. But that's not the problem.
> The problem is that the site_perl directory is now under
> /usr/local/lib/perl5 and not /usr/lib/perl5. But if you specify a
> "PREFIX" in the call to Makefile.PL to generate the Makefile, like I
> always have done, then the perl-site-specific directories are set wrong,
> it leaves them under /usr/lib/perl5.
> What I need to know is how I can build the perl module in a BUILDROOT
> directory (so just building it can't over-write any existing files),
> while getting all the site-specific stuff correct that has changed in
> Fedora 10.
> I have read the man page for ExtUtils::MakeMaker and have tried all
> sorts of things, but it won't get it right with just a few options to
> "perl Makefile.PL".
> Any Fedora 10 experts out there who know how to do this?
> The only perl modules I have looked at on the Fedora 10 project site
> have hideously complicated spec files, and I'm not at all confident that
> a total rewrite of all my spec files is either (a) warranted, or (b) not
> going to break compatibility with previous OSs.
> Jules

Maybe you can try to define on top of your spec file these macros :


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