MailScanner and Symantec Endpoint Protection / Symantec Antivirus

Jonas Akrouh Larsen jonas at
Mon Jan 5 10:00:30 GMT 2009

Hi all


Happy New year.


I recently got the option of deploying Symantec Endpoint Protection on my
scanners. It seems what the license gives you the right to do, is install
the older Symantec antivirus 10 for Linux.


This seems to go pretty smooth, it even comes with deb's and rpm's.


However as far as I can tell MailScanner does not have antivirus support for
this version?


There seems to be something called css and symscanengine, but it doesn't
look like that's the version I got.


My version has 2 daemon processes (symcfgd and rtvscand) and it has a
cmdline scanner called sav.


Do anybody use MailScanner with Symantec products? 


Do anybody know if the "normal" Symantec version (its my impression
SEP/version 10 are the most used version of symantecs products) will work
with MailScanner?



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