double delivery of emails

Bernard 'Tux' Lheureux bernard.lheureux at
Wed Feb 25 14:53:38 GMT 2009

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy wrote:

You're right, in my case, the SMTP Server used has recently been 
migrated from an old version of Debian to CentOS 5.2 with Dovecot, I 
will investigate if I get those "strange dovecot errors" as you talk 
No, I cannot see some "Strange errors", could you tell me what kind of 
error messages you get ?

> In my case I believe the problem probably lies with dovecot. This
> started happening after the server was migrated from an older version of
> Fedora to Centos 5.2 (no Mailscanner on that box, it gets its email via
> fetchmail from another server). See if your logs show strange dovecot
> errors (if you have dovecot, of course) as mine do. The dovecot forum
> has some posts about this problem. I'm not sure what the right solution
> is. though.
> Bernard 'Tux' Lheureux escreveu:
>> Jose Nathaniel G. Nengasca wrote:
>> I've got exactly the same problem, with a CentOS 4 Server acting as
>> MailRelay with MailScanner 4.74.16, sendmail-8.13.1-3.3.el4
>> I've tried to change the Lock Type = posix
>> (before it was empty Lock Type = )
>> But still no change, in spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>> lock_method flock
>> Could someone guide me to the right solution ?
>>> Hi,
>>> Is there someone experienced you have two or more emails that are the
>>> same?
>>> I got this frequently on my inbox.  Could someone point me to the right
>>> direction? Thanks
>>> J. N. Nengasca
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