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Scott Silva ssilva at
Tue Feb 24 23:14:26 GMT 2009

on 2-24-2009 3:03 PM Scott Silva spake the following:
> on 2-24-2009 2:52 PM Hugo van der Kooij spake the following:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> The "Other Unix" MailScanner distribution is intended for use any on
>>> sort of Unix system. Quite a few variants of Unix don't even use init.d
>>> scripts at all (e.g. Solaris 10) and on those that do they are all
>>> different. If you want an init.d script for your variant of Unix, then I
>>> suggest you copy one from another fairly simple service (perhaps ntpd or
>>> sshd or something like that) and modify it to suit your requirements.
>> What Solaris 10 version have you been running? All Solaris versions I
>> have worked with have init.d scripts.
>> Their syntax is not that hard to figure out if look at half a dozen samples.
>> Hugo.
> I'm still sad (maybe not sad but perplexed) that I only see Julian's messages
> if someone replies and quotes them. Damn Gmane! It used to be my favorite way
> to keep up with the lists, but now I am having doubts.
The last message from Jules that made it in the archive was on 2009-02-01
21:31:30 GMT

I'm wondering if somehow their archive blacklisted him for some reason. It
even breaks threads. Threads are split like his message never existed.

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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