add action to watermarking

Eric Hoeve ebhoeve-ms at
Mon Feb 23 19:02:35 GMT 2009

First off I want to say that MailScanner is a great piece of software 
that has helped me tremendously.

Background: I have Spam and High Scoring Spam setup to deliver with a 
special header that allows the MUA know it should drop the message in 
the spam bucket.

Now I am getting a ton of 'backscatter' from spammer(s) spoofing one of 
our users email address to send spam. Now they get tons of 'bounce' 
messages and fillingup their mailbox (spam bucket) because I am using 
the watermark feature. Would their be a way to make it so I could just 
delete all email that bounces to a specific user and also failing the 
watermark test. I see my current choices are 'spam', 'high scoring 
spam', etc but no delete/drop option. It would be nice if I could do 
something like this in 'rules'.

Current MS Version is: 4.73.4.

Thanks in advance.


Eric Hoeve

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