Kind of OT: guess what I found!

Doc Schneider doc at
Sat Feb 21 01:25:41 GMT 2009

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 2-20-2009 8:17 AM Doc Schneider spake the following:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> I was hunting around looking for some old sendmail mc files I wrote
>>> many years ago. They appear to have been lost long ago, but look what
>>> I found instead!
>>> MailScanner version 1, even before it had the name MailScanner. It's a
>>> grand total of 1,035 lines of Perl code, which is 20% smaller than the
>>> previous oldest version I had found.
>>> Anyway, for the archives, it is attached. Now you can see quite how
>>> ropey some of my old code was back in May 2000 when all this got
>>> started one long lunchtime.
>>> Jules
>> Amazing what 9 years worth of work get you, eh?
> For some reason Julian's posts are not making it to the gmane archive. Jules,
> are you setting an x-no-archive header or something?
> I guess I won't see his response.... That's kind of a paradox!

HAR! I am a married Doc not a pair of docs! Sorry had to be said! I know 
punny punny...

I looked through the headers of his original message and didn't see 
anything obviously x-no-archive but might not be in there once it hits 
the list.

Lincoln, NE.

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