How to browse infected messages in quarantine?

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Thu Feb 19 19:18:35 GMT 2009

Hi Jason,

Jason Voorhees wrote:
> Hi people:
> I'm sure this is a pretty easy question but I'm still unable to find
> the appropiate directive(s) to achieve it. I quarantine all spam
> messages and I can browse them later using MailWatch.
> But when MailScanner founds a Virus in a message using ClamAV, I can
> see that is sent to quarantine too, I see it in the list of
> quarantined messages trough MailWatch but I can't see it's content nor
> release the infected message.
> What should I change in my configuration to be able to browse and
> release infected messages in quarantine?

You can't do anything through MailWatch if the message is marked as
Virus infected; I considered that a security feature when I wrote it.

You'll have to release it the old-fashioned way 'sendmail -i -f [sender]
[recipient] < /path/to/quarantine/message'.


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