CentOS - Removed perl-IO due to bug in updating via 'yum'

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Feb 19 11:15:25 GMT 2009

On 13/2/09 08:04, Anthony Cartmell wrote:
>> Can anyone help me reinstall perl-IO now I think perl has been updated?
> On FC10 I used "rpm -e --nodeps perl-IO" for this and other dependency 
> problems, then yum update, then re-install MailScanner just in case it 
> still wants to add to the provided perl modules.
There is now an extra switch to install.sh that makes it uninstall all 
the Perl module RPMs, let you Ctrl-Z it, then you yum update perl, then 
fg the install.sh again and carry on.

Makes the upgrade process very easy.
Do "./install.sh --help" and it will show you the command-line options. 
Quite a lot of which do *not* have a "-" on the front of them, for some 
historical reason I have long since forgotten :)

> Works fine. I just need to remember that if yum wants to update any 
> perl modules I'll need to keep an eye on it and possibly repeat the 
> above. I don't let yum run automatically.
> The advantage of this method is that I'm always running standard FC10 
> perl modules, with MailScanner "on top". So much less likely to break 
> other FC10 perl requirements.
> Cheers!
> Anthony


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