selecting message that should go into MailScanner

Alessandro Dentella sandro at
Thu Feb 12 10:22:23 GMT 2009


  I need to setup one postfix + mailscanner bos so that from certain domains
  that send massive newsletter mails are not checked: there would be no

  I thought to go in header_checks and change the regexp something as:

    /^From: .*  OK
    /^Subject: dabluff5/  OK
    /^Received:/ HOLD  

  but I can't see any differences. I tryed it also with other patterns but it
  seems it never gets into the first line rule (it goes of course into the
  last: 'Received'). I wandered if the second overwrites the first as it
  comes later in parsing the header messages.

  Convinced to simplify my tests I used test on Subject that I can change
  simply but I believe that that should work. Am I wrong?

  As a second attempt I tried a recepe [1] from Hugo Vanderkooij that I
  found in the archives thet suggests to go with the filter in the
  smtpd_client_restrictions with a check_recipient_access, but again I can't
  make messages go into HOLD with a rule on Subject

  Any hints? 


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