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Michael Huntley michael at
Mon Feb 9 23:06:49 GMT 2009

Julian Field wrote:
> Folks,
> To keep you updated with the latest...
> Last Thursday I had an endoscopy done by the boss of the Hepatology
> Dept at our hospital, she wanted to make sure she saw the state for
> herself rather than reading someone else's report, which was kind of her.
> The endoscopy showed that there is probably sufficient blood-flow and
> low enough pressure that I am unlikely to bleed severely in the near
> future, and so the decision has been taken to take me off the liver
> transplant list. In 6 months time, she will do another endoscopy and
> review the situation again. But, to be honest, it is unlikely I will
> be put back on the list again.
> This is good, in that I don't need a very major operation, but it also
> means that a bunch of other things won't get fixed at the same time.
> So it's good, but not *all* good.
> So I have unpacked my hospital bag. 17 months preparing myself for it,
> and just 10 minutes to unpack my bag and put it all away again. Ho hum.
> Many thanks for all your kind messages over the past months wishing me
> luck with the transplant, they really did help me. Time to move on, I
> guess.
> Cheers.
> Jules

I toast to good health and continued progress!


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