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Michael Mansour micoots at
Fri Feb 6 05:17:12 GMT 2009


I have a client who asked for the disarmed messages to be removed from his emails.

I searched through the MailScanner config and could only find areas which would remove the disarmed message from the subject line, not the message body.

Is there a way that the message can continue to be disarmed while not showing the disarmed notification in the message body?

After discussing this with him, he asked that the "Allow WebBug" feature be enabled for him. After configuring and setting the ruleset:

To:           blah at        no
FromOrTo:     default              disarm

a day went by with that and he then informed me that he was no longer receiving HTML emails, but plain text for emails he knew where originally HTML.

I tried to reproduce this problem but couldn't, so reverted him back to disarmed emails.

Does anyone know of any bug with MailScanner that would cause the "Allow WebBug" feature to strip HTML?

I haven't ruled out the possibility that he has a virus scanner installed on his PC which may be doing this, but I also use MailWatch and when he releases the email from MailWatch it comes through as HTML, while the original send he says is only text based.

I'm using mailscanner-4.73.1-1

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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