an sa learn problem?

lorenzo lorenzo at
Thu Feb 5 09:01:40 GMT 2009

hi all.
i'm using a centOS mailscanner system monitored with mailwatch.
when i'm using mailwatch sa-learn function it produce me this output.

SA Learn: config: path "//root//.spamassassin" is inaccessible: Permission 
denied, Learned tokens from 1 message(s) (1 message(s) examined)

There are no errors, but it still seems to look to the default path 
first. Is this normal? Is there a way
to correct?

in my /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf:

# bayes_path should NOT be directory!
# The Rules_du_jour script will choke if it is a directory.
# It needs to be a full pathname, PLUS a partial filename.
# In this example, the trailing "bayes" will be the "bayes*" +
# files in the directory "/etc/MailScanner//bayes//"
# Thanks to Matt Kettler for pointing this out.
bayes_path /etc/MailScanner/bayes/bayes

# This is actually used as a mask, not a raw chmod setting.
# Thanks for Matt Kettler for spotting this one.
# Commented out: this if for MailWatch and Exim/Postfix users only.
bayes_file_mode 0660

Lorenzo Santi
aura srl

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