ClamAV Mailscanner not using clamd

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 > This is not accurate in context. The clamd portion of MailScanner
 > doesn't
 > depend on the libclamav versioning as does the perl module. The only
 > time
 > the clamd portion of MS would need updated would be if the 
 > clamav team
 > altered the basic protocol and it has been years since they have done
 > that.
 > There might be some tweaks to the parser that have taken place since
 > 4.68.8
 > but changes to clamav it's self have no direct relationship 
 > to MS clamd
 > scanner. In fact you can completely update a clamav package and never
 > even
 > restart MailScanner.
 > BTW: I think this also makes a good argument for supporting spamd, at
 > least
 > optionally. It uses less resources, is just as fast as the 
 > perl module,
 > allows for updating without restarting MS. The only drawback 
 > I see would
 > be
 > the MCP functions. One would have to run to spamd instances 
 > on different
 > sockets because you cannot pass spamd a config file once 
 > it's running...
 > But
 > I would bet you would still see quite a reduction in 
 > resource usage even
 > with two daemons.
 > Rick
 > That's good information Rick, thank you.
 > Essentially everything was chugging along fine albeit a bit slow.
 > That was the reason for disabling virus scanning to try and keep
 > everything moving.
 > Then later the idea was to try running clamd to see if the 
 > performance
 > was any better.
 > I think I'm going to continue to tackle the upgrades
 > But I've got to work through them.
 > What I have at the moment is the cpan modules won't compile
 > Because the included clamav module is outdated.
 > An ancient version stuck in the package manager 
 > And a now older version of MailScanner that needs to be upgraded.

If you disable the clamavmodule (in MailScanner) and just use clamd the
clamav perl module is not required. The clamd code is 100% internal and
speaks directly to the clamd daemon it's self, thus it's not affected by
changes in the as is the perl based ClamAVModule code. Of
course I think you should stay up to date with MS but I personally am at
version 4.67.6 myself because I haven't had the time to update the patches I
have to apply to MailScanner with each update (for special functionality I
require). All I am really saying I guess is the version you are running will
work fine with a properly installed ClamAV package and MS configuration.


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