ClamAV Mailscanner not using clamd

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Wed Feb 4 20:40:36 GMT 2009

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 7:32 PM, Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:
> Does solaris on intel live up to the old sparc lineage?
> Or is it better?

Not sure what you mean but I assume you mean it's slow..? Most people
who say that have only "heard it from someone else". Often it comes
from old Sparc systems compared to the new x86 systems replacing them,
not exactly a fair comparison. :-)

You can still build a much bigger and faster Sparc system than anyone
offers on the x86 platform but it's only worth it if you need *one*
big system. In the case of MailScanner we can easily multiply our
systems and x86 systems are much more bang for the buck. That's why
Sun today sells a full range of x86 systems for the same price as
everyone else to complement its Sparc line. I run MailScanner on Sun
x86 servers, not on Sparc.

> I wish I had time to learn another OS, I would like to try solaris and maybe
> one of the bsd's.

I doubt you would have any problem learning Solaris, it's still just
Unix and most of us have to use several every day. If you're
interested you can download a free copy from OpenSolaris, I recommend
the OpenSolaris 2008.11 dist since it's easiest to start with. It's a
live CD much like Ubuntu.

If you try it, take a close look at ZFS (volume and file system all in
one), containers (virtual machines with resource handling) and DTrace
(put probes everywhere to monitor your system in realtime). Those are
Solaris standout features.


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