phishing sites: local and remote

David Lee t.d.lee at
Wed Feb 4 16:31:06 GMT 2009

We try to use MS configs (currently 4.72.5) reasonably close to the 
distributed version.  That includes taking the routine updates to 
"phishing.bad.sites.conf" and "".

Being a university, we are also getting badly hit by spear-phishing 
attempts against our users.  We noticed that some of incoming bait
contained URLs similar to ours.  Our true URLs are of the form:

The incoming bait reads:

(Real life pattern-matching would need more subtlety than that, but you 
get the idea.)

The routine anti-phishing stuff detects dubious URLs etc and displays 
bright red "possible fraud" warnings.

It would be nice if we could supplement this with an additional, 
locally-based, component that could be configured to match suspicious URLs 
based on the local site name.

Is it possible to run such an antiphishing config, comprising both 
Julian's standard set and a local component?

If not, might it be a worthwhile addition?


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