ClamAV Mailscanner not using clamd

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Wed Feb 4 10:05:46 GMT 2009

>  this one seems to be eluding me, I've got the settings in
> MailScanner.conf
>  setup, clamav-daemon is installed and a running process based on this:
>>  ps ax | grep [c]lamd
>> 4957  ?   Ss      0:06    /usr/sbin/clamd
> So I'm looking for some indication that it is being used properly.
>  Any suggestions ?

Heh, I've just had the same problem. In my case I'd forgotten that I'd set  
"Virus Scanning = no" while setting up a new server... doh!

With virus scanning enabled again, "MailScanner --lint" gives me output  
like the following, which shows that clamd found the test virus:

Trying to setlogsock(unix)
Read 849 hostnames from the phishing whitelist
Read 5065 hostnames from the phishing blacklist
Config: calling custom init function MailWatchLogging
Started SQL Logging child
Checking version numbers...
Version number in MailScanner.conf (4.74.16) is correct.

Your envelope_sender_header in spam.assassin.prefs.conf is correct.

Checking for SpamAssassin errors (if you use it)...
Using SpamAssassin results cache
Connected to SpamAssassin cache database
SpamAssassin reported no errors.
Using locktype = posix
MailScanner.conf says "Virus Scanners = clamd"
Found these virus scanners installed: clamavmodule, clamd
Filename Checks: Windows/DOS Executable (1
Other Checks: Found 1 problems
Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
Clamd::INFECTED:: Eicar-Test-Signature :: ./1/
Virus Scanning: Clamd found 2 infections
Infected message 1 came from
Virus Scanning: Found 2 viruses
Virus Scanner test reports:
Clamd said " was infected: Eicar-Test-Signature"

If any of your virus scanners (clamavmodule,clamd)
are not listed there, you should check that they are installed correctly
and that MailScanner is finding them correctly via its virus.scanners.conf.

Thanks to Jules for including the Eicar testing in the --lint : a really  
useful feature :)


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