Disable MCP notifications for High Spam

Dave Jones davejones70 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 18:47:10 GMT 2009

>On 2/2/09 13:04, Dave Jones wrote:
>>> If you can, re-implement your MCP filtering with "SpamAssassin Rule
>>> Actions". It gives you much more precise control over what happens to
>>> the mail, and will run a lot faster too.
>>> On 31/1/09 11:56, Dave Jones wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have any ideas how the MCP notifications can be disabled
>>>> for High Scoring Spam?  The High Spam is getting caught and deleted
>>>> but when it also hits the MCP threshold, the user is getting the
>>>> recipient.mcp.report.txt notification.  There are lots of High Spam
>>>> that will hit common profanity checks in MCP.
>>>> I found a thread in the maillist archives on "MCP/SPAM Actions" saying
>>>> that delete is the last action taken so the MCP notify takes
>>>> precedence.   However, I was wondering if there are some recent
>>>> feature additions that will allow me to override this now.
>>>> High Scoring Spam Actions = delete
>>>> MCP Actions = store notify
>>>> High Scoring MCP Actions = store notify
>>> Jules
>> If I have 100 or so MCP SA rules, then do I have to create a rule line
>> for each one or is there a way to match all of them if they start with
>> something unique like "PROFANITY_IN_".  Can I use "PROFANITY_IN_*" so
>> it will pick up new rules as I add them or do I have to specify the
>> full rule name?
>Your easiest solution would be to create a meta rule in SpamAssassin
>which triggers if any of your PROFANITY_IN_ rules matches. The syntax is
>very simple and is documented in "man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf", and
>there are plenty of examples in the rulesets shipped with SpamAssassin.
>Then your "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" only has to mention 1 rule.
>> So how would I setup the notification rules so that it would use the
>> same MCP recipient.mcp.report.txt?

So is there a way to send the same recipient.mcp.report.txt notification
or am I limited to the standard spam notification (recipient.spam.report.txt)?

I guess if I have normal spam notifications disabled anyway, I could
setup the new rule to default to not-notify and copy the
recipient.mcp.report.txt over the top of the recipient.spam.report.txt.
Is their a better way in case I want to enable spam notifications in the future?

Thanks for answering the other questions.  This is a huge help.

>> And I guess whitelisting some users from the profanity checks is as
>> simple as "not-notify".

Dave Jones

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