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2009/2/2 Ghetti, Ron <Ron.Ghetti at>:
(snip Steves advice to run sa test by itself)
> Can't seem to get that to work, I have no idea what the postfix
> is.
Why would you need that? It is probably set to something that crypt()
never will be able to emitt...;-).
You have root privs, right? That is all you need to "su" to someone
else (if on Ubuntu or similar, do "sudo -i" to get an interractive
shell as root, then do the "su - postfix -s /bin/bash", then do the
spamassassin command as suggested previously). Didn't you use that
when you posted the second SA thing? I'm confused...:-)

> The numbers do seem a bit better though after adjusting a couple of
> settings
> And rewriting my report to pick up more info.
> Batch processess are much shorter and there are much fewer SA
> This is from a 24 hour period.
> There were 6,925 Total messages Recieved.
> There were 5,299 messages marked as spam.
> There were 693 Messages Queued for delivery.
> There were 771 Messages Delivered.
>  Average Batch Time = 11.6 seconds
>  SA Timeouts = 5
>  Messages Deferred = 13
>  Messages Bounced = 5
Excellent. You do "recipient verification", right? So that you don't
accept mail that have non-existant recipients...

> Spamassassin timeout kicked up to 85 seconds
> MaxChildren set to 12
> Batch Sizes set to 20
> No Virus Scanning
> Using Spamhaus-Zen and uribl
Time to up the SA timeout to 300 and turn virus scanning on, don't you
If you run at least clamd, it likely wont hurt you.

> Thanks for all your help
> -Ron

-- Glenn
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Thanks for the Reply Glenn.
Yes, I did do the su - postfix run.
The first time it went fine, but every time thereafter, it started 
Prompting for a password. Strange.

Yes on the Recipient verification, I run a script that pulls a userlist
>From our Active Directory Domain twice a day.

I'm going to have to up the spamassassin timeout setting, here are some
figures for
Monday (groundhog day) It wasn't quite as productive.

There were 9,388 Total messages Recieved. 
There were 3,502 Messages Queued for delivery. 
There were 3,605 Messages Delivered. 
There were 21 Messages Bounced. 
There were 64 Messages Deferred. 
There were 5,361 messages marked as spam. 
SpamAssassin TimeOuts: 544  
Average Batch Time: 24.48 

The SpamAssassin timeouts are what is killing me, I'll have to
Keep playing with it.

Thanks everyone.


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