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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Feb 3 14:36:08 GMT 2009

2009/2/2 Ghetti, Ron <Ron.Ghetti at>:
(snip Steves advice to run sa test by itself)
> Can't seem to get that to work, I have no idea what the postfix password
> is.
Why would you need that? It is probably set to something that crypt()
never will be able to emitt...;-).
You have root privs, right? That is all you need to "su" to someone
else (if on Ubuntu or similar, do "sudo -i" to get an interractive
shell as root, then do the "su - postfix -s /bin/bash", then do the
spamassassin command as suggested previously). Didn't you use that
when you posted the second SA thing? I'm confused...:-)

> The numbers do seem a bit better though after adjusting a couple of
> settings
> And rewriting my report to pick up more info.
> Batch processess are much shorter and there are much fewer SA timeouts.
> This is from a 24 hour period.
> There were 6,925 Total messages Recieved.
> There were 5,299 messages marked as spam.
> There were 693 Messages Queued for delivery.
> There were 771 Messages Delivered.
>  Average Batch Time = 11.6 seconds
>  SA Timeouts = 5
>  Messages Deferred = 13
>  Messages Bounced = 5
Excellent. You do "recipient verification", right? So that you don't
accept mail that have non-existant recipients...

> Spamassassin timeout kicked up to 85 seconds
> MaxChildren set to 12
> Batch Sizes set to 20
> No Virus Scanning
> Using Spamhaus-Zen and uribl
Time to up the SA timeout to 300 and turn virus scanning on, don't you think?
If you run at least clamd, it likely wont hurt you.

> Thanks for all your help
> -Ron

-- Glenn
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