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Ghetti, Ron wrote:

> Batch (1 message) processed in 62.04 seconds 
> Batch (1 message) processed in 61.83 seconds 
> Batch (2 messages) processed in 111.01 seconds 
> Batch (7 messages) processed in 313.62 seconds 
> Batch (9 messages) processed in 423.96 seconds 
> Batch (10 messages) processed in 719.89 seconds 
> Those do not seem like fast process times to me,

Those are the worst times I think I've ever seen.  When tuning systems
I'm not happy until I have the average time to process a single message
to <10 seconds.

Generally batch performance improves the larger the batch; however in
your case this doesn't appear to be true - with 10 messages the average
is 72 seconds per message!

I'd guess that you've got some serious breakage in SpamAssassin or in
your DNS resolver.

Find a message in your quarantine directory then run the following and
post the output:

spamassassin -D -p /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf <

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Can't seem to get that to work, I have no idea what the postfix password
The numbers do seem a bit better though after adjusting a couple of
And rewriting my report to pick up more info.

Batch processess are much shorter and there are much fewer SA timeouts.
This is from a 24 hour period.

There were 6,925 Total messages Recieved.
There were 5,299 messages marked as spam. 
There were 693 Messages Queued for delivery.
There were 771 Messages Delivered. 
 Average Batch Time = 11.6 seconds
 SA Timeouts = 5
 Messages Deferred = 13
 Messages Bounced = 5

Spamassassin timeout kicked up to 85 seconds
MaxChildren set to 12
Batch Sizes set to 20
No Virus Scanning
Using Spamhaus-Zen and uribl 

Thanks for all your help

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