Quarantining password-protected ZIPs?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at mailscanner.open.source.it
Wed Dec 2 16:16:46 GMT 2009


MailScanner has a nice feature to detect when an attachment contains a 
password-protected ZIP file, and you can specify whether such attachments are 
permitted or not.

I would like to block such attachments by default, storing them in quarantine, 
and send a notification message to the recipient, or the postmaster, so that 
if the email is from a trusted source, it can be released and delivered.

However, it appears that if a password-protected zip file is discovered, it is 
treated as though it's a virus, and therefore:

a) the original email is thrown away and can't be delivered later

b) no notification can be sent to the recipient or the postmaster unless they 
get these for real viruses too

I hope I am I missing something about the configuration options:

 - Is it possible to treat password-protected ZIPs like spam instead of like 

 - Is it possible to quarantine such attachments, without quarantining all 
viruses (or archiving all email)?

I hope someone can help,


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