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>>> Because high scoring spam is almost certainly (depending on what you
>>> have set as high)
> huh ... i guess as a workaround i can set the high score VERY high so
> all spam gets classified as normal spam.
> Do you see why it doesn't make sense to not have bounce for high scoring
> spam?  What is the difference between 9 and 10?  So I can bounce 9's
> but not 10's?  There's no reason for the distinction wrt bounce.

No one should ever have to put up with bounce spam ever. That is like saying
I think this guy asking for me  might be a murder so I will tell him that
other guy over there is me, but if he looked like a child killer I would
call the police. No right is right and if you accept a message you have
accepted the responsibility for that message. You bounce spam and you are a
spammer. That is as bad as sending someone a notice that they sent you a
virus... If you find a virus you only know one thing about the sender, it's
not from the address that supposedly sent it.

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