Spam Actions bounce

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Tue Dec 1 18:43:20 GMT 2009

On December 1, 2009 1:07:15 PM -0500 Rick Cooper <rcooper at> wrote:
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>> On December 1, 2009 2:05:18 PM +0100 Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at>
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>>> Because the "High Scoring Spam" is very very likely to be shite, it
>>> would be idiotic to bounce it. If anything, shove it into the
>>> quarantine.
>> Well IMHO it is idiotic to bounce low scoring spam as well.  You would
>> only do this for very special cases (and I'm glad the option is there).
>> But since this only makes sense for those special cases, I can't see
>> why high scoring spam shouldn't be bounced.
> Because high scoring spam is almost certainly (depending on what you have
> set as high) not legit and therefore the address used is not the real
> address of the sender. This is how a joe job works

Yes I know how joe jobs work. :)  I have known about joe jobs before
they were called joe jobs.

Even low scoring spam, if it is spam and not a FP, is going to have a
forged sender address.  low score vs high score isn't really a joe job

Again, this is a special use case and why there would be a distinction
to allow bounce for normal spam and not high scoring spam I can't
understand yet.


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