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> On December 1, 2009 2:05:18 PM +0100 Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at>
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>> Because the "High Scoring Spam" is very very likely to be shite, it
>> would be idiotic to bounce it. If anything, shove it into the
>> quarantine.
> Well IMHO it is idiotic to bounce low scoring spam as well.  You would
> only do this for very special cases (and I'm glad the option is there).
> But since this only makes sense for those special cases, I can't see
> why high scoring spam shouldn't be bounced.

Because high scoring spam is almost certainly (depending on what you have
set as high) not legit and therefore the address used is not the real
address of the sender. This is how a joe job works. Mr. Spammer culls
addresses from the internet (news lists, web sites, etc) and then uses them
as the sender address, you bounce the spam and it ends up heading back to
the sender address who now has the spam in his/her mailbox (unless that
system tags it as spam and refuses delivery). My opinion is when I accept an
email for delivery I either deliver it or deal with it but I do not attempt
to return it, ever. Our basic smtp rules deny 95+% of the junk and
MailScanner/MailWatch and I handle the rest. I cannot remember the last time
I allowed a mail system to bounce emails as it just irresponsible in today's
climate. If an email hits 14+ at smtp time, delivery is denied and I have
only had one fp ever at that score.

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