MailScanner Looping? - REVISITED with more info

Edward Dekkers edward at
Tue Dec 1 13:34:55 GMT 2009

> OK, happy to try this. Is there a nice dpkg way to do this for Ubuntu?
> (Can't seem to find it). Reason I ask is because all the MailScanner
> documentation seems to have its directories in different places than
> the
> Ubuntu dpkg install of MailScanner. It was always running so well and
> the
> only thing I'm a guru at is messing things up.
> Should I remove the dpkg version and start from scratch with the
> tarball?
> How does this affect spamassassin/clamav?
> Regards,
> Ed.

OK -= just an update. I WILL upgrade mailscanner over the weekend when I
have some time, but for a quick fix for the Ubuntu users there's this I
found on a post:

Re: MailScanner not working after 9.10 upgrade
Success. The problem is with the init script. In /etc/init.d/mailscanner, I
had to add -c ${user} to the start-stop-daemon line, since it had no idea
what user to run as. It was strange that when called from the command line
as (for me) sudo -u Debian-exim MailScanner, it would work.

So, the modified line in the init script should look something like:

start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --startas $STARTAS --name $NAME --test >
/dev/null \
|| return 1
start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --nicelevel $run_nice -c ${user} --exec
|| return 2

Add the -c ${user}, restart mailscanner, and it'll be back working. At least
this is working for me.


It worked for me :)


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