MailScanner Looping? - REVISITED with more info

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Dec 1 12:39:53 GMT 2009

2009/11/30 Edward Dekkers <edward at>:
>> Do this on the latest release. You may well find the behaviour has
>> changed.
> OK, happy to try this. Is there a nice dpkg way to do this for Ubuntu?
> (Can't seem to find it). Reason I ask is because all the MailScanner
> documentation seems to have its directories in different places than the
> Ubuntu dpkg install of MailScanner. It was always running so well and the
> only thing I'm a guru at is messing things up.
:-). Don't belittle yourself... with a little attention to details,
I'm sure you'll be fine;)

> Should I remove the dpkg version and start from scratch with the tarball?

It might be real hard finding the latest beta (or even the latest
stable) in dpkg format. So you'd need backup your configuration
changes (mainly MailScanner.conf and rules directories, I suppose),
then remove it. After that, you'd need install the tarball of the
latest and greatest... Since that will have all in one directory
hierarchy, you'd perhaps best "move" your changes to MailScanner.conf
etc over manually.

> How does this affect spamassassin/clamav?
Not at all?
You'd need make sure any changes needed are done (Run As User/Group
and perms etc), but other than that, they shouldn't be affected.

> Regards,
> Ed.

-- Glenn
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