rule patterns

Ralph Bornefeld-Ettmann ilikeuce at
Tue Dec 1 12:45:38 GMT 2009

Frank Cusack schrieb:
> OK this is definitely the last question! :)
> rules/README example patterns:
>        *        # Any user at 1 domain
>        *@*          # Any user at any sub-domain of ""
>   # Any hostname
>        # Any domain name
>        host:mail*  # Any hostname or domain name with wildcards
> Shouldn't the first host: example say "a single hostname"?  And the 2nd
> say "a single domain name"?  Likewise the 3rd example.
> Is * equivalent to  It would seem so although
> since "host:" isn't really defined I'm not 100% sure it means the part
> after the "@" in the email address being tested.  (only 99.9% sure)
> But really what I wanted to get to is that bounce.rules has:
> #From:        yes
> which doesn't match any of the example patterns in README.  Is bounce.rules
> in error?
> -frank
host means host - quite simple.

From:	yes

reads like this :

If a mail comes from host (no matter what sender domain 
is used) then hand over "yes" to the related variable.

From:	yes
From: 	*	yes

read the same

If a mail comes from domain then hand over "yes"

From: 	*	yes

this handles only mails from, the domain 
has to be handeled separately

From: 	*@*	yes

and this handles mails from any subdomain of but not 
directly from

From: 	*@*	yes

this handles mails from and its subdomains but also from,, ......



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